A source sent me some photos of the new BlackBerry 10 phones he’s testing. This is the same model you’ve probably seen leaked several times over the last few weeks.

The source also told me a bit more about the new BB10 operating system: Super fast browser, Evernote integration, quick boot-up times, and more. 

I’m actually a little excited to try this thing. I still think it’s too late for RIM to introduce a new OS and get people to care, but it’ll be fun to try something totally new.

RIM needs to adopt Windows Phone 7 or give up


Windows Phone 7 is the first smart phone OS to come along that has the potential to strike the balance between enterprise and entertainment — a balance that RIM has tried to attain for the last 2 years. 

With a unique user interface that offers a slick alternative to iPhone or Android and the power of enterprise e-mail and Office applications, the WP7 hits the Goldilocks Zone for both schools of smart phone users, and it could be the killer OS diehard Blackberry users have been craving.

RIM has tried to make “fun” work since its knee-jerk release of the Storm in 2008, and again with the Torch and accompanying ad campaign this year. (Which already looks dated in comparison to the clever WP7 ads that premiered today).

With the Torch’s recent failure, Blackberry users have shown they don’t want a touch screen smart phone with the tired Blackberry 6 OS design. They’d rather stick to their Bolds.

If RIM really wants to expand beyond its current consumer base while still offering them the same function they expect, then its time to give Steve Ballmer a call and start licensing WP7 for their next line of devices.